Play Away : Onyria Palmares, Lagos, Portugal

Praia #27 greenTHESE DAYS course designers are becoming increasingly obsessed with creating American style courses. Recent European Ryder cup venues are archetypes of stateside design and there is no shortage of them in Portugal, a favourite amongst British golf visitors, with the likes of Almondeira and the Victoria course at Vilamoura presenting massive challenges with huge bunkers and potentially card wrecking lagoons. Which is what makes Onyria Palmares in the western Algarve such a satisfying change. Continue reading “Play Away : Onyria Palmares, Lagos, Portugal”

Thought for the Month

IT’S EASY TO SEE golf not as a game at all but as some whey-faced, nineteenth-century Presbyterian minister’s fever dream of exorcism achieved through ritual and self-mortification. ~ Canadian author Bruce McCall


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