Happy Birthday Arnold Palmer

imagesAMIDST ALL THE wearisome ballyhoo about Tiger Woods and ‘will he, won’t he ever win another major?’ that so many lazy golf writers use to pad out their copy it is worth remembering that Arnold Palmer was 85 on September 10th.

Before Palmer strode into professional golf the game had been a determinedly upmarket affair on both side of the Atlantic. US broadcaster, Vin Scully, summed up the advent of Palmer quite brilliantly when he came out with the line, ‘In a sport that was high society he made it “High Noon.”’ Continue reading “Happy Birthday Arnold Palmer”

Play Away: Royal Zoute, Belgium

Dsc02041FOR GOLFERS LIVING in East Sussex and Kent it is almost as quick to get to the famous old Flemish city of Bruges, as it is to get to North London. And, as well as avoiding the horrors of the M25, within 30 minutes of Bruges it is possible to play one of the great courses of mainland Europe at Royal Zoute Golf Club.

Like so many clubs in mainland Europe the original club, founded in 1899, was largely down to British involvement with Charles Warren becoming the club’s first professional after returning from fighting in the second Boer war. Continue reading “Play Away: Royal Zoute, Belgium”