Do viewers need all these gambling advertisements?

AS IT MOVES hundreds of staff to Brazil for the Olympics how the BBC must be ruing its decision to bow out of covering the Open Championship a year early given the captivating golf played by the two leading combatants, Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson. 2016 saw one of the most exciting Open championships for years and in marked contrast to the triumph of the virtually unknown Todd Hamilton the last time the contest came to Troon. Continue reading “Do viewers need all these gambling advertisements?”

Fast greens slow play

Ck0PtjbWEAAiTZhAND SO WE welcome the year’s second great golf tournament. The US Open Championship returns to Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania which has hosted more Open and PGA championships than any other course in the United States of America and, depending on which camp you are in, the course is either a monument to classic design or a complete brute that will simply make the slow game that is professional tournament golf even slower. Continue reading “Fast greens slow play”

Golf gets ever Longer


A MAJOR TOURNAMENT is not a major tournament without some drama running up to it. This year at Augusta we have had the minor sideshows of eventual winner, Danny Willett, not being certain to enter with his wife due to give birth, Chris Woods losing his clubs and Tiger Woods withdrawing; but the real excitement was provided by the news that Augusta plans to lengthen its iconic par five 13th hole (pictured above). Continue reading “Golf gets ever Longer”

From ‘Fore’ to four bedrooms


THE TIMES LEADER column rarely mentions golf. Yet in the March 5th edition it tells the sorry story of clubs selling their courses as land for house builders. As if golf were not under sufficient pressure the prospect of clubs, particularly those owned by local authorities, selling out to developers to meet the ever increasing demand not only for new homes but also to balance the books is possibly the most worrying trend of all. Continue reading “From ‘Fore’ to four bedrooms”

Tripping up Trump?

#YouAintNoAmericanBro: Twitter responds to Donald Trump's Twitter comments

HAVING LOOKED AT things to delight us in the new year it is unfortunate that we shall be seeing and hearing a lot more of Donald Trump in 2016. For the purposes of this article we shall try and restrict ourselves to his possible influence in golf rather than his Presidential candidacy for the Republican party although the two tend to overlap.

Continue reading “Tripping up Trump?”

If we could only wave our magic wand……..

imagesTEN THINGS we would sooner have reversed in 2015:

1. Six-time major winner, Nick Faldo pulling on that hideous, ill-fitting yellow, diamond patterned, Ronnie Corbett style golfing sweater during his farewell to the galleries at the Open Championship at St Andrews. It looked just the right size for Ronnie Corbett too. ‘It’s cashmere’ Faldo told us, as if we cared. The great man might also have second thoughts over the press release issued by his agent about impaling his middle finger on a set of wall-mounted antlers whilst taking off a shirt that gave him a deep cut on his right hand and almost caused him to withdraw from his last ever Open round. Just how low were those antlers or does Sir Nick routinely take off shirts whilst standing on a chair? Continue reading “If we could only wave our magic wand……..”